Below is a chart of the basic sounds found in Japanese, written in Hiragana. Click on any of the boxes below and up here you'll see an example of how to write that character using the Japanese writing system called hiragana. Remember: when writing in Japanese, strokes tend to go from left to right first, then from up to down.

NHiragana N WaHiragana Wa RaHiragana Ra YaHiragana Ya MaHiragana Ma HaHiragana Ha NaHiragana Na TaHiragana Ta SaHiragana Sa KaHiragana Ka AHiragana A
RiHiragana Ri MiHiragana Mi HiHiragana Hi NiHiragana Ni ChiHiragana Chi ShiHiragana Shi KiHiragana Ki IHiragana I
RuHiragana Ru YuHiragana Yu MuHiragana Mu FuHiragana Fu NuHiragana Nu TsuHiragana Tsu SuHiragana Su KuHiragana Ku UHiragana U
ReHiragana Re MeHiragana Me HeHiragana He NeHiragana Ne TeHiragana Te SeHiragana Se KeHiragana Ke EHiragana E
(O)Hiragana Wo RoHiragana Ro YoHiragana Yo MoHiragana Mo HoHiragana Ho NoHiragana No ToHiragana To SoHiragana So KoHiragana Ko OHiragana O

Try to follow along with pencil and paper as the character above is being drawn. The moving image will automatically cycle through every few seconds, so you shouldn't need to reload if you want to start again. Remember, when writing Japanese, your strokes should go from left to right and from top to bottom.

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